Current Projects in the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad Restoration Shop



Coach Car #7747 Locomotive #2254 Coach Car #2584 - Steam Engine #8419 Volunteer Help Needed Past Projects



CNW Bi-level coach #7747


We are in the process of restoring this car to how it looked when used on the commuter trains in Chicago.

Once complete, look for it to be part of the consist on the Fraser Excursion trains.

Click here for the 7747 photo archive.



Locomotive #2254

Locomotive #2254 has been undergoing some restoration this past winter.

The exterior is finished, and the interior soon will be as well.

Here is how it looked after it rolled out of the shop for the first time after painting.

Click here for the 2254 photo archive.



Rock Island Coach #2584


Our Rock Island Coach is getting some repairs made, starting with the trucks.

Click here for the 2584 photo archive.



Steam Locomotive #8419


Our steam locomotive, 8419, is going through the normal off season inspections and repairs. In the picture above, Eli and Darin work on disassembly of an injector for steam locomotive 8419.

Click here for the 8419 photo archive.




Volunteer Help Needed

We are always looking for volunteers to help out in the shop. We do everything from patching rust holes to rebuilding 1000hp diesel engines to renovating passenger cars (and everything in between.) If you are interested in helping out, call or e-mail Travis Stevenson at (515)-432-4278 or .



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